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One Tribe

Die-Cut Print

  • Matt
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    Matt Roberts


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About Design

    Inspired by A Tribe Called Quest - Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Aili Shaheed Muhammad, Jarobi White
Start Date
Nov 30, -0001
End Date
Nov 30, -0001

Durable, vibrant, and crystal clear, HD Infused Aluminum prints - Combined with the unique artwork and custom cut imagery, these pieces make for visual showstoppers.

The mount is included and gives a shadow, floating effect when placed on walls.

All pieces come with a custom back-stamp from the artist. Limited pieces come with a Certificate of Authenticity and edition number info, encrypted and stored via the blockchain.

Please note, sizing per selected style falls within the below parameters. Due to the die cut nature of specificity of each artwork, sizing is not guaranteed but rather approximated based on the below.

~ S: 17x11 or 11x17 inches
~ M: 22x14 or 14x22 inches
~ L: 31x20 or 20x31 inches
~ XL: 50x32 or 32x50 inches
~ Giant: 60x43 or 43x60 inches

Printed on a .045” thick aluminum sheet, this print is crisp, high gloss, lightweight, and water-resistant. It comes with a proprietary 1/2" aluminum shadow mount allowing for easy installation.
Shipped in 8 to 15 business days

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